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Remarketing job adverts to your candidate pool

How to convert more careers site visitors into applicants

Media Optimisation

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Optimising your recruitment advertising can save you time and money

So, you’ve set your recruitment goals, your job specs have been perfected, you’re delighted with the creative approach and you’ve selected your job advertising channels. The campaign is running and your careers site is getting a high volume of hits, but not enough of the visitors are converting into applications to meet your quota. What do you do next?

The traditional answer is to keep the campaign running longer, re-filling the top of the candidate funnel to keep the applications coming until you’ve met your targets. All of this costs time and money, however. Could there be a quicker, more cost-effective solution?

The answer could be to look at increasing your conversion rate from careers site visitors to applications. All of those lovely website visits represent engaged individuals who could potentially be your next hire, but for whatever reason – lack of time, hesitation, distraction – they chose not to apply at that particular moment. Re-engaging this audience is potentially an easy win for your recruitment efforts – and this is where retargeting comes in.

How retargeting works

Once a candidate has shown an interest in your job listing, they can be retargeted by serving up further job adverts as they browse online, nudging them to return to your site and apply. We’ve all seen this tactic as consumers, with advertisers keen to remind us of products we’ve recently looked at, sometimes offering discounts to try and win our business. Your retargeting adverts can take a similar approach, rotating messages that highlight different propositions of your employer offering to increase the chances of striking a chord with your target audience.

You might be surprised at the scale of the results – analysis of all Creed campaigns found that retargeting is on average 6 times more efficient than the original job advert for delivering completed applications.

Of course, the initial advertising is needed to drive traffic to your careers site in the first place, otherwise your retargeting efforts would have no data to work with. By calibrating the two approaches to work hand-in-hand, our clients have found they can significantly optimise their recruitment campaigns to deliver more applications, more quickly and at a lower cost per applicant.

If you’d to find out more about how we can help you to optimise your recruitment campaigns, get in touch today or for more information visit our media optimisation page.