Being human, we have our own diverse styles, our little quirks, efficiencies, weaknesses and preferences that are uniquely us. And so, the more we understand about ourselves, the more we enjoy working together and with clients to get s*^t done, well.

One of our values at Creed is ‘Enjoy Life’, and that reflects our focus on enjoying life inside and outside of work. And every day we work closely with others in some way, whether that’s a short interaction to inspire, passing over of work into another team, collaborating on long term projects; you name it, we don’t do this alone.

That’s why we invest in our personal and professional development and frequently refer to our Type Coach Verifier. It helps us to be more mindful, more successful and understand what to consider and where to adapt when working with others with similar or contrasting ‘types’.

What is evident, is that across the 16 different Types, the Creed team represent all but four! We certainly are a diverse bunch, thinking in different ways, responding differently, behaving in our own ways. Type Verifier enables us to play to our strengths and develop our styles to be even more successful at work and to understand ourselves better outside of work. I know my parenting skills can certainly benefit too 

One thing’s for sure, we’ll continually invest in Type as it truly reflects the Creed values: Think creatively, Actions speak louder than words, Be bothered, Life’s complicated enough, Every day’s a school day, Treat others with kindness, empathy and respect.

Here’s what our team had to say about their recent Type Coach development sessions:

John – I have used the type-to-type grid to tailor the way I speak to senior members of the team to get feedback on my work and performance, knowing where and when to dial up information and communication methods. This is not only helping with how well I work with my colleagues, but with personal progression too.

Alisha – Knowing my colleagues Type has made my job so much easier, it helps me understand the different ways in which to approach my co workers, helps me understand their thought processes and the ways in which they prefer to receive feedback too. It’s also interesting to see how everyone’s preferences differ from one another.

Joe – Seeing how I work and how my colleagues work helps me communicate with them better and understand what their feedback means and how to use it. I also understand more about the different processes my colleagues use allowing me to plan work better.

Niamh – My team loves talking about them and we’ve identified aspects of our clients personalities/ways of working which means we adapt how we approach/deliver things to them.

I think overall, it has made me more aware that people don’t do things my way and I think I have adapted my ways of thinking and working. Off the back of that I feel less frustrated, understand my colleagues, and there is more clarity in my team.

We also asked Chat GPT

As an artificial intelligence language model, I don’t have a personal identity or consciousness, so I don’t have a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) classification. The MBTI is a tool used to assess personality preferences in individuals, and it’s designed for human use rather than for Al systems like me.

It’s a shame we can’t get to know ChatGPT some more, so all we can do is send a virtual hug.

Thanks to Rachael Lewis @Envision for your support and guidance.

Caroline ISTJ