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What’s in a name?

Creed Comms

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To be clear, I’ve never been a boxing fan. In fact, my boxing record looks like this:

Fights 1,  Wins 0,  Draws 0,  Defeats 0,  Abject defeats 1.

My brother was a talented boxer and took me to his gym in the ‘quaint garden village’ we grew up in. Within the space of an hour my boxing career had begun and ended. I’m telling you this because I was recently asked if our brand identity had anything to do with the film franchise of the same name. And now you know the answer is an emphatic “No”!

So, why are we called Creed?

Well, over a decade ago we had a vision of building our business upon belief. Both the belief in ourselves to build a successful agency and the belief our clients would have in us as a trusted partner that delivered. We also wanted to show that how we did things was important and that these values would be at the heart of our ethos:

  • Treat others as they expect to be treated
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Be bothered
  • Life’s complicated enough
  • Every day’s a school day

Additionally, we appreciated that employer brands are built on the confidence of knowing who you are and where you’re going – and that can feel a bit like a belief system. So, Creed was born.

Being completely honest, it wasn’t the only contender – as creative branding types, we had all kinds of impressive identities and names. But, being the complete pragmatists that we are, we selected Creed because it was immediate, worked and (perhaps most importantly) the URL and social names were available!

My Grandma was fond of the phrase, “If the cap fits, wear it” and after all this time, I still have the same unerring belief in our talented team and powerful partnerships, so the Creed cap fits as snugly as ever.


Simon McLoughlin