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Talent Acquisition at Creed Comms

Talent Attraction

Our smart attraction strategies combine technology and creativity to reach your talent markets, and track performance to maximise effectiveness.

We’ve helped our clients attract hundreds of thousands of talented and engaged employees. We start by understanding your audience’s motivations and the messages and creative campaigns which will grab their attention. Then we develop smart multi-channel media strategies to target the active and passive jobseekers, alongside a positive candidate journey to maximise your conversion rates.

And, of course, we use clever tracking and reporting technology to capture all the data we need to improve and deliver the best possible ROI on your attraction expenditure, and you can learn more about this by clicking here.

How we do it

  • Insight & research
  • Attraction strategy
  • Creative & design
  • Sites & apps
  • Social media
  • Employee referrals

Insight & research

There’s fierce competition for top talent. We’ll give you an advantage by developing a greater understanding of your target audience and talent markets. We’ll identify where your audience is, which messages are most likely to engage them and the media channels you should use to deliver the best results in terms of quantity and quality of hire.

Attraction strategy

Every day a new media route to market is launched that claims to be the perfect solution to all your attraction woes. We’ll cut through the claims and noise to plan integrated and innovative multi-channel media strategies that target your active and passive talent audiences. Whether it’s social media, paid search, organic search, ambient media, job boards, or anything else, we’ll have it covered. Of course, we’d be busy fools if we did all this without the ability to measure, manage and improve our effectiveness.

Creative & design

We’re all constantly bombarded with marketing messages, so it’s important that your attraction messages stand out from the crowd. Our award-winning creative team crafts arresting and engaging communications for a range of campaigns and organisations. Whilst it’s nice to win awards, it’s even better when we hear that our campaign has been extremely effective and helped our client succeed.

Sites & apps

Most applicants visit an organisation’s careers site before or during the application process. That’s why we build sites that deliver a great user experience whilst celebrating your distinctive and authentic propositions. We also develop apps to foster greater engagement with your talent communities. For example, we might deploy augmented reality in your attraction campaigns or an employee referral app to increase effectiveness.

Social media

Right now, someone is talking on social media about you as an employer. It’s vital that you join the conversation and influence those conversations. We build integrated social media strategies, social ads and content that enable candidate engagement, develop talent pools and deliver hires.

Employee referrals

Candidates hired through employee referrals cost less, stay longer and perform better than those from any other route. However, it’s often a minority of employees who engage with their organisation's scheme. We build innovative, creative (and award-winning) programmes that reflect your employer brand and values whilst appealing to more than financial gain and using technology to make it easy for everyone.

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Media optimisation

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