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Employer Branding at Creed Comms

Employer Branding

Tell your story well

We create authentic, distinctive employer brands that deliver organisational performance and an outstanding ROI.

We have devised, developed and deployed award-winning employer brands across a range of sectors, including public, health, technology, retail and financial services. We love enabling our clients to manage their internal and external employer reputations so that they attractengage and harness the talent they need to succeed.

The ‘People Deal’ lives at the heart of all of our brands – a mutually binding psychological contract that expresses what you offer people and what you expect in return. ‘People Promises’ support the deal and celebrate what defines and differentiates you as an employer of choice for your chosen talent audiences.

How we do it

We have a robust and proven methodology for developing employer brands but recognise that no two organisations are the same. That’s why we always adopt a pragmatic, flexible approach to every brief. That said, typically we would include the following phases:

  • Discover
  • Create
  • Educate
  • Market
  • Measure


Our range of quantitative and qualitative research techniques will define your current internal and external reputation, talent markets and organisational goals. We’ll uncover a brand that makes you unique as an employer whilst being authentic and fit for purpose.


Our creative team then develops a range of visual and verbal expressions of your brand essence. The brand identity, messages and tools will enable you to consistently and positively promote your People Deal and Promises to internal and external audiences. We’ll work with your marketing teams to ensure that the employer brand supports your consumer/corporate brands, whilst creating a space to celebrate you as an employer.


We’ll support you to educate your line managers and leaders, so they represent the People Deal in their everyday behaviours. To truly embed the employer brand, we’ll develop a programme to create and nurture brand ambassadors. We’ll also create a range of comms to increase understanding of the brand and embed the behaviours that support it.


Your employer brand should ‘sing’ in every internal and external people touchpoint. It needs to be brought to life in arresting channels, digital platforms and creative communications throughout the full employee lifecycle – attraction, on-boarding, engagement, learning & development, performance, reward, talent referral and even your alumni audiences.


An employer brand will have a significant effect on many HR and business performance indicators. We’ll help you to regularly measure and improve these. In our world, nothing stands still. That means you should also continue to test and refine your brand to take account of talent market developments and your own changing requirements, ensuring that it’s still authentic, distinctive and fit for purpose.

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