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Willson Grange – Case Study

Creed Comms

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Targeting the true passive candidate

Willson Grange is a successful and established group of Financial Planners that rely on their Wealth Management Advisers to provide an excellent service to clients and drive business growth. There’s a shortage of experienced talent in their industry, so they saw the need to train and develop their own Wealth Management Advisers. The Willson Grange Career Development Centre was initiated, an experienced team dedicated to giving best-in-class training and support to give candidates the best possible start to their new career.

At the time, there wasn’t a direct sourcing model or a team in place and guidance was requested to take these roles to market. Enter Creed.


The Situation

Willson Grange were looking for talented individuals from outside the wealth management industry with brilliant people skills and entrepreneurial flair. Candidates that were already successful in their current role but perhaps wanted the opportunity to build their own business or pursue an alternative route. It’s likely that they had never considered a job as a Wealth Management Adviser and highly likely they had never heard of Willson Grange unless they were involved in the world of finance.

The campaign needed to convince candidates to quit their current, comfortable role and retrain for a career change that would ultimately see them running their own wealth management business. The sort of challenge we thrive on!


The Power of Propositions

We started with an extensive brief to understand the selling points for the campaign. Deploying compelling propositions is key in any recruitment marketing campaign. However, in this instance it was crucial – We needed to convince candidates to commit to a career change, so we needed to tell a powerful story.


The Solution

We needed to bring the opportunity to life and make it authentic through a conceptual campaign that captured the imagination. The concept we developed was ‘Shape Your Future’, inspiring candidates with a proposition that allowed candidates to imagine all the positive benefits of joining the Career Development Centre.

We delivered the story through copy, imagery and video. Content that featured the Willson Grange leadership group and their people on-site to really bring authenticity to the campaign. We worked with their in-house IT team to provide assets for them to build a careers site, the first time they’d built a recruitment web presence.


The Results

The first intake was filled during the scoping phase of the campaign and we’re already planning other activities and campaigns to scale up the foundations. The website provides a great infrastructure for future recruitment campaigns and a real point of difference from Willson Grange’s talent competitors.

We see this journey with them as a successful first phase which can often be the most challenging era in the transformation.


Jonny Heyhoe