We believe talented and inspired people make everything possible.

Not only is this our belief as a business, it’s also the exact reason we’ve put the entire 100% ownership of Creed Comms in the hands of the team, in the form of an EOT (employee ownership trust).

Our purpose is to help organisations deliver positive change through their people strategy and to help people make life changing career choices, so what better way to celebrate our 15 years in business, by giving those who’ve made Creed the success it is, complete ownership and the opportunity to shape it for the next generation.

The world of work has transformed over the last two years and whilst much of that was out of our control, we have an opportunity to make further positive change and grow our leaders, our expert teams and the agency even further, together as co-owners.

By giving ownership and a voice on the Trust Board, our people directly influence the agency, are better rewarded and ultimately own the entire business between them.

One of our values is ‘actions speak louder than words’ and here, we’ve truly put our purpose into practice and cemented our belief that our very own talented and inspired people make everything possible.

Our people, our partners and clients won’t see or feel any fundamental change, apart from knowing that everyone they meet and work with at Creed, are co-owners, driven by a shared belief.


Caroline Hill / Simon McLoughlin

Directors, Co-owners, Trust Board