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Understanding Digital – It doesn’t have to be complicated

Creed Comms

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I’m Sorry, Could You Repeat That?

How many times have you been in a meeting or presentation, discussing a topic you are really keen to understand but the information you are given may as well be in another language? Even worse, how many times have you had a problem and the person on the other end of the phone reels off a load of terms that you have to go and Google after you give up and end the call no better off? The key here is education and collaboration and to not be afraid of embracing the unknown.


“What’s A Pixel?”

When it comes to Digital campaigns clients are more frequently asking for more understanding, how do digital channels work? To respond with jargon that baffles them in the hope they won’t ask any further questions just isn’t good enough. CTR, CPC, PPC – these may all be day to day abbreviations to some, but it is best to be conscious of your audience.  For me personally, there is nothing I appreciate more when someone takes the time to explain and when needed offer great examples/analogies…and the penny drops! Then the subject is instantly more relatable. Even better that you can then be confident with future conversations.


“Share, Share, Share Again”

In an evolving digital world sharing knowledge is key so no one gets left behind.  We are lucky enough to have a great digital team here at Creed who don’t mind their patience being tested with constant (sometimes repeated) questions as they see the value in everyone being on the same page. One of the main benefits is we can then all celebrate when a campaign has gone well! Instead of being presented with a load of data and statistics and nodding and smiling not having a clue what’s going on we are instantly able to see we’ve done a great job.

Sharing is caring and on the other side if you don’t understand something, then be brave and just go for it. Don’t be afraid to keep questioning until you fully understand.


Laura Wilson-Jones