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The Increedable WFH playlist

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The mood-lifting benefits of music can help keep you engaged

The current situation has affected the entire world in unimaginable ways. Aside from the worst outcomes of the global pandemic, the luckiest of us have only had to deal with working from home and suffering from mild cabin fever.

If you’re looking for ways to keep yourself occupied and productive over the lockdown, there are a million other blogs for that. Instead, I wanted to share one of things that’s been keeping me calm and carrying on – my Spotify WFH music playlist.

A soundtrack to aid concentration and beat stress

We all feel passionately about music of some form or another, but in the limited time we have in our daily working lives, we tend to stick to those albums and artists we love and know best. If you’re anything like me, these classics are starting to wear thin, so now is the perfect time to try something new.

Here is a link to the Increedable WFH playlist on Spotify, curated by me and made up of songs with a relaxed and productive vibe. There’s music from a range of genres, and almost no distracting lyrics so you can keep going through those mid-afternoon isolation slumps. Use it to help you keep going when you’re stuck into the third draft of that big document or spreadsheet and let us know what you think!


Nathan Wheeler