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The Future Of Recruitment

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Thoughtful Reflections


As the year-end for Creed approached, I initially found myself reflecting on a hugely successful year for our agency, our clients and our people. Whilst celebrating success is something, I plan to improve both personally and across the business, ironically, I was conscious that my thoughts had turned quickly to the coming 12 months and beyond.

These thoughts spanned across everything from growing and developing the team, diversifying our product offering to deploying award-winning solutions for our clients. But the one thing that really dawned on me was the uncertainty we face politically and technologically. This was all the more poignant, following a recent course I attended that covered what is known as a PESTLE analysis – which basically asks, how will your business or industry be affected by Political, Economic, Societal, Technological, Legal and Environmental changes/issues.


Politically Economical


Without going into the depths of the subject or boring you to death with details of my musings, I have two conflicting views of how our industry may respond to the ‘B’ word. Although the reality may land somewhere in-between.

The first scenario could be that the market tightens. Budgets will be frozen or reduced, recruitment will be only unfrozen for business-critical roles and businesses will go into lockdown until the dust has settled and the effects of leaving are fully realised.

The second scenario being the polar opposite. Organisations that are already struggling in a candidate driven market where recruitment is already tough, who in many cases may find gaps in their workforce due to the legislation, would go all out to ensure the services they provide are maintained at all costs. This could be to avoid a loss in market share, a loss of contracts, a backlash on social media and so on – dependent on the type of business involved.

Either way or a combination of both, preparations need to be made to consider these impacts.


Technically Technological


Then there’s the subject of how technology will impact recruitment in the coming years. Clearly, technology has consistently pushed recruitment, typically following the path of consumer marketing. The pace of this does seem to be speeding up, particularly the rhetoric around it. I have noticed a flurry of small niche businesses popping up, trying to resolve singular pain points of recruiters.

Theoretically, changes are coming thick and fast with technology, AI and ‘automation’. However, the reality of this is debatable. There is clearly some huge ground being made with slicker (ATS) application processes, video interviewing software and chatbots but we’re yet to see a major shift, at least a successful one, in talent attraction approaches outside of programmatic, evolved social media strategies and product upgrades from the likes of Indeed.

Google Jobs is yet to make an impact, but it undoubtedly will – especially once monetised and I expect the likes of Jobrapido, Ziprecruiter and Adzuna operating on pay per application models, to all challenge the traditional job board approach in the coming months and year.

I think it’s fair to say that the pace of technology has exponentially increased since the early 2000’s in our industry. Though I do not believe the majority of businesses have kept up with it and therefore the opportunity to build and showcase your employer brand whilst making huge savings (both in money and time) are there to be grabbed.


Dave Walstow