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How to revitalise your social media pages

Are you having a social media midlife crisis?

Social Media

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We live in an era of instant gratification. Want to watch a movie? Go straight to Netflix. Fancy a takeaway? It’s arriving in half an hour via Just Eat. Interested in the breeding patterns of humpback whales? Knowledge is but a few clicks away on Google.

However, not everything in this world can be achieved so quickly. In particular, success. Occasionally we need to rediscover the lost art of patience to achieve something good. And there is no better example of this than social media.

Launching a social media campaign is a little like joining a gym after Christmas. You start off with great enthusiasm. You’ll post something almost every day, maybe multiple things. Then, after a few weeks, you find that your follower count hasn’t increased a hundredfold. You’ve only attracted two comments, one of which was trying to sell you Viagra. A month later and your post count has gone down to once a week. There’s so much else you could be doing. What’s the point in all this? Social media doesn’t work. You stop doing it. Your social media sites start gathering dust, punctuated by the occasional advert for Viagra. You give up completely.

The fact is social media requires patience and discipline. Instant results are unlikely (although not impossible). The chances are you’re going to hit a midlife crisis at some point where all the effort doesn’t seem worthwhile.

But if you want to succeed then you need to be in this for the long haul. The more you do the more effective it is likely to be. You need to keep going.

Getting your mojo back

So you’ve hit the midlife social media crisis and run out of inspiration and motivation for posts. What do you do? Where can you get a new idea from?

  • Avoid the problem in the first place by planning ahead. Always have a content calendar that stretches over the next few months at the very least. That means, when despair does hit, you still have content going out and enough material to see you through your crisis.
  • Look no further than your audience. What questions are they asking on Twitter and Facebook? What do they want to know about your company? Do some digging.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to follow your competitors on social media and see what they’re talking about. Copying them directly is a no-no but you’ll find inspiration there for your own posts.
  • Share news and content from others who have something interesting and relevant to say. You should be doing this anyway as successful social media requires mutual generosity when it comes to sharing content.
  • Talk to everyone at your organisation to see what they’re up to and what’s happening soon. Their comments could easily spark an idea for content.
  • Could a supplier, client or customer provide you with a guest blog? Not everything has to be created by you or your colleagues.
  • Look at trending topics on Facebook and Twitter. How can you relate them to your company?
  • Keep thinking about engagement. What can you do to get people talking about you or participating in one of your posts? Ask questions, run competitions and get involved in online debates. Social media is not about you shouting through a megaphone at the rest of the world. It’s about having conversations.
  • Don’t be afraid to reuse your old content. Ask yourself how can you cover the same topic again but from a different angle. The chances are few people will remember the previous post anyway. Could you convert some previous research into an interesting infographic? Or maybe you could produce a video.

Above all, keep going. Avoiding a social media midlife crisis is all about patience, discipline and a willingness to think creatively. Like the “get fit” resolution you made after Christmas, social media is a complete change of lifestyle, not a few nights in the gym. The results will come eventually.

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