How’s your employer brand now?

Almost overnight, our world turned upside down. We found new ways of working and, like many, quickly remembered what’s really important.

The nation’s response to play ball has been largely impressive and organisations have quickly focused on their people – to manage them, redeploy them, furlough them and communicate with them.

Some of the ‘certa cito’ (swift and sure) response will have an instant impact on employer reputation and employee engagement. No-one will come out unscathed of course as tough decisions will need to be taken, but we’re already seeing heart-warming stories of unsung heroes and positive steps by huge brands to help their teams through the pandemic.

So, what could this mean for our employer brand plans? Is it sh*t or bust?

No, it isn’t.

Your brand strategy is ever evolving and will constantly adapt to changing circumstances. Look how quickly Tesco got their employees on a new TV ad and live on the media within a week!

We’ll always need to change the direction of travel with our employer brand focus and this leads me straight into our employer brand audit (it’s a free, confidential, online tool) which we created to so that you can constantly self-assess the power, performance and potential of your brand.

A chance to take stock of where you are and where you’re going

I wanted to remind TA, employer brand and resourcing teams why it exists and that it could be a well-spent 15 minutes to help challenge and refocus your brand plans for the short to mid-term.

The questions will provoke your thinking and help to break it down into bite-sized chunks and get stuff done.

We’ll soon share the emerging patterns of over 100 organisations who’ve already taken the audit. But for now, please use it, it’s confidential and free and should be a neat tool to help you reimagine where your brand focus currently is and where it might need to be.



Caroline Hill