Employer Brand Audit

Employer Brand Audit

How does your employer brand measure up?

The ability to calculate your employer brand’s strength has been missing from our industry for too long – until now. Our free online Employer Brand Audit lets you measure your brand’s power, performance, and potential, as well as how you compare to other organisations.

It’ll take 10-15 minutes to complete and will examine how powerful your current employer brand is, how well defined it is, how well deployed it is (both internally and externally) and how well you’re measuring your results.

Here’s what you get out of it:

+ A personalised, printable report showing your scores and some actionable insights for improvement

+ Quantifiable measurement a scoring system that delivers data beyond the typical metrics such as cost per hire and other HR stats

+ Benchmarking compare your current position with other organisations like yours

+ Identify priorities break brand activation down into actionable chunks

+ Measure progress repeat the audit over time to monitor your progress

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