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Breaking the media contract cycle with AI
The challenge

Voyage Care is a sector-leading provider with over 30 years of experience in delivering specialist care. They help support 3,500 people across the UK with learning disabilities, autism, brain injuries and other complex needs.

Whilst Voyage has a strong position in the healthcare sector, support worker vacancies are some of the most competitive roles to recruit for in the UK. Voyage’s original approach of using traditional media channels with a reliance on Indeed’s 1-click-apply delivered a high volume of low-quality candidates. This caused low conversion rates and high cost-per-hires.

This approach was also extremely labour intensive to manage candidates because it required manually importing all applicants into Voyage’s applicant tracking system.


Together, we achieved amazing results
  • Cost per application reduced by up to 53%
  • Increased applications for some of the toughest vacancies – even Nurses!
  • Reduced the reliance on annual job board contracts and recruitment agencies
  • 100’s of hours of manual work saved by sending applications straight into their ATS


Here’s how we did it

We advised that the best opportunity to achieve the key deliverables was through our Programmatic Performance model.

Programmatic allowed Voyage to deliver job ads across a diverse range of channels which were automated based on audience targeting criteria. This allowed us to deliver ads in front of active job seekers that were searching for care worker roles across an extensive range of channels.

Voyage also benefited from the Programmatic Performance model because unlike their previous media buying strategy, we were able to integrate directly into the Voyage applicant tracking system and reduce the labour of importing candidates manually.