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Pathway Progression

Authentic video content

Employee Comms

To complement traditional methods of internal communications, we created an inspirational video to celebrate and elevate the profile of recent Specsavers graduates from ‘Pathway’, an internal development course, designed to build a future talent pipeline of qualified candidates ready to be Joint Venture Partners.

It was essential that the footage portrayed the Vision, Values and culture of Specsavers, whilst appealing to the core audience of Senior Clinicians and Store Managers.

The video features interviews with recent graduates and in-store footage to highlight the crucial role Specsavers’ own talent plays in growing the business and developing Directors of the future, creating an authentic and inspiring message to potential Joint Venture Partners.


The internal comms campaign and video helped to fill 180 annual delegates and has continually improved pass rates. The course pipeline is fulfilled with a 6-month lead time and has since been rolled out in Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Australia.

It has driven direct value to the bottom line, with one store improving customer satisfaction from 74% to 91%.

The video is expertly crafted and delivers engaging content with an emotional appeal that has already helped inspire the next generation of Business Partners at Specsavers.

You can see all the videos we’ve created for Specsavers on our Vimeo profile.