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JLR Early Careers

JLR Early Careers

Attracting a new breed of talent

Changing the way the world moves

Talent Attraction

Changing the way Jaguar Land Rover attracts early careers talent will significantly contribute to changing the way the world moves. From the initial brief, research and focus groups, it was clear that our entire strategy needed to connect with a myriad of characters. Those who love engineering, who are passionate about the environment, who love cars and those who need convincing that building the cars of tomorrow will demand an entirely different mind-set to the car-makers of yesterday. Add to this, the combination of communicating the serious side of the business, with the warmth and wit of working with one of the UK’s premier brands, and we knew we had a challenge on our hands.

Cutting edge and full of character, futuristic and fun. The two sides of the business needed to be captured. On the one hand, we created ‘Changing the way the world moves’ – a vibrant, mixed pace, rollercoaster ride of personal impressions of what it’s like to work at JLR. This film had to balance the passion for the cars they produce, with the calmness and control that shone through the personality of their people.

On the other hand, we created ‘Charades’ – a shorter, quirkier and more thought provoking introduction to the JLR personality. The intrigue and personality of this video will then encourage viewers to visit the website to get the bigger picture of life at JLR. The resulting film, entitled ‘What Part Will You Play?’, feels authentic and warm, because we let them enjoy themselves. No script, no forced messages. Just Jaguar Land Rover team mates having fun trying to solve a series of problems in front of them. 

Ideas for the entire campaign began July 2019. 35 days later these two, distinct videos had been scoped, storyboarded, approved, arranged, filmed and edited. HR, PR, Marketing and everyone who contributed couldn’t be more delighted and excited about how they will perform.

“Over the last 12 months we’ve been consciously moving our recruitment marketing strategy to one that puts our people at the forefront rather than our cars. Our challenge to Creed was to take this to the next level, to bring to life the skills needed to take the business into the future and show the people behind the product. Their solution was a bold change of direction for us which certainly pushed us out of our comfort zone to begin with. But it was a direction that really allows the personality of our people and business to shine through and we absolutely love it.”
– Alex Bairstow – Jaguar Land Rover, Recruitment Marketing Manager