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Hermes Peak Campaign

Hermes Peak Campaign

High-volume recruitment fuelled by data insights

Delivering Christmas

Media Optimisation

The challenge: Deliver Christmas

Logistics is a notoriously challenging sector to recruit for. Even for unskilled couriers, the competition is fierce. Retail is moving increasingly from the high street to online, meaning more couriers are needed than ever before. Factor in the huge growth of other delivery services like Just Eat and the war for talent is huge.

In the run up to the peak season before Christmas the demand skyrockets, so Hermes realised they needed a fresh approach to recruit all the self-employed couriers they needed.

Our approach: Wrapping data-led insights in a fresh creative concept

We identified a number of areas where we could add significant value to Hermes’ peak campaign. Their audience targeting was based on what worked in the past, but it lacked tangible metrics to back it up. Furthermore, their creative didn’t clearly articulate the benefits of the role and their channel strategy relied heavily on active candidates via job boards.

We researched Hermes’ workforce and used the demographic information to create a model audience for the campaign. We mapped this across postcodes and media consumption habits to identify and target our key audience. Our media channel strategy combined programmatic advertising with Google keywords and the top-performing job boards to deliver a campaign highly targeted to key locations whilst also driving broad awareness across regions to generate the volume that Hermes need.

Our real-time reporting dashboard enabled us to optimise the campaign to chase success, while also allowing Hermes to track campaign performance.

The results: We delivered Christmas!

In 2018, our peak season campaign generated 42,568 applications over 13 weeks, which translated into 8,532 new couriers for Hermes. In 2019, we leveraged the insights from the previous year to further refine the creative and media channel strategy. This resulted in:

  • 8% increase in applications
  • 27% increase in approved couriers
  • 5% reduction in total peak media spend

As well as a successful peak campaign, 2019 gave us new insights to carry forward to 2020 to ensure we keep on delivering in a highly competitive market.