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An award-winning global Employer Brand

Huge reduction in cost per hire

Employer Branding

Initially, Bard invited us to investigate the possibility of building an Employer Brand that united its people despite a multitude of cultural, linguistic and economic differences. Their goals for the Employer Brand were to decrease cost per hire, increase the quality of hires and create a consistent and positive employee experience.

What did we do

We spent time with Bard’s people across EMEA and used our research and insight to build an Employer Brand that celebrated Bard as a business that recognised and rewarded results and attainment like no other – a place where, if you applied your talent and ambition to achieve the high standards of ethics and performance, you would be recognised, well rewarded and given the opportunity to grow and thrive. Additionally, we identified that Bard people shared an intriguing mix of characteristics and behaviours – they all had caring and winning in their DNA.

The Employer Brand confidently and honestly celebrates internally and externally (through social media, attraction comms, an employee referral programme, and engagement comms) that Bard really is a place where you can “Achieve more, grow more and be more”.

Did it work for Bard?

The new brand has been the driving force behind an extremely effective Direct Resourcing strategy, which has delivered a huge reduction in the cost per hire, whilst providing higher calibre candidates. It’s also used as a touchstone to express the essence of the employer/employee relationship, reducing turnover and increasing alignment.

What’s more, once the effect of the brand in EMEA had been measured, it was trademarked and adopted globally and continues to fuel further success.