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Employee Referral Programme

Referrals increased by over 200%.

Talent Attraction

Referrals that save lives!

As part of a Direct Resourcing strategy, Bard wanted to encourage its people to refer great talent by leveraging the potential of their social and professional networks. They needed to appeal to a wide range of skill bases – from competitive sales people to caring nurses, senior executives to entry level joiners. In other words, the resultant Employee Referral Programme (ERP) was required to work hard!

Where did we start?

We set about building a web-based and smart ERP that encouraged people to introduce talent, not just for a financial reward but to continue building Bard’s successful teams and help a very worthy cause – Medecins Sans Frontieres. We also wanted to ensure that the programme promoted immediate and prolonged participation, whilst fostering an understanding of the personal attributes and behaviours of the typical Bard person.

The resulting campaign, video and responsive website celebrated the fact that “great people are Bard’s lifeblood” and that Bard people had both winning and caring as part of their DNA. It gave current employees a sense of pride about how they were advancing lives and healthcare, and encouraged them to introduce other people who would enjoy doing that too.

Multi-channel ERP spanning EMEA

The campaign adopted a truly multi-channel approach incorporating video, events, talent spotting cards, e-shots, text messages, pull up banners, posters, table talkers and even branded cupcakes!

The referral site was designed to make introducing talent simple and easy from desktops and mobile devices, whilst reducing the workload of the HR team. It also acts as a portal that recognises those making referrals and gives regular updates on the work MSF is doing with Bard’s donations.

Real results for everyone

Bard’s people got behind this scheme from the beginning and the results have been staggering. The recruitment savings have run into six figures, the time to hire has decreased whilst the quality has increased, and referrals grew by over 200%.

Perhaps most importantly, the donations to MSF have kept scores of doctors in the field treating thousands of deserving and needy people. This ERP saves lives