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Assurant Moments

Assurant Moments

Attracting the right people to join a surprising business

Talent Attraction

Applying for a role in a contact centre is often seen as a stop-gap or last port of call for people who need a local job. If you live in the Manchester area, you’ll find contact centres for all manner of well-known and much loved brands. Assurant, on the other hand are probably the biggest business you’ve never heard of.15,000 colleagues.$6.4bn turnover. $75m invested in innovation. Assurant protect what matters most to over 300 million customers around the world.

Telling hundreds of people about this, was critical. Fortunately, the big business you’ve never heard of, also has some of the most brilliantly surprising moments to share, all about what it’s like to work there.

The great thing about Assurant is that there isn’t just one surprise. There’s surprise after surprise after surprise after surprise (you get the gist). We reflected this throughout both an offline and online campaign that shows just how surprised, shocked or blown away you’ll be when you realise how good a role at Assurant really is. Capturing genuine moments of shock and surprise on the faces of those who already work there. Central to the idea is the strategy, which is completely focused around video. Using a short impactful video, cut into multiple different versions and formats to advertise across not only sites and apps used by the target market, but also in the ad breaks of the TV they’re watching.

Recently launched, the campaign has been extremely well received by everyone at Assurant, all of them commenting on how well it has captured exactly what it is like to work in their Contact Centre. For a business operating in the finance and insurance sector, its always been hard for them to stand out from the talent competitors in the area who have much more recognisable consumer brands. And this campaign has already started to help them stand-out against those competitors. It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that we’re extremely proud of this project, creating an authentic, well crafted and fun idea for one of our clients who time and time again give us the latitude to deliver truly stand-out work for them.