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Bringing an Employer Brand to life

Great place to learn, great place to work

Employer Branding

The Brief

Assurant Solutions is a global leader in lifestyle insurance products, helping its customers protect what matters most to them. Their European HQ is based in the UK and they understand that people are the most important factor in their continued success and growth. Therefore, attracting and retaining aligned and motivated talent is at the heart of their agenda, and that’s why they asked us to devise an effective and distinctive Employer Brand.

This was a project led by HR rather than Resourcing. From the outset, we knew we would be building an Employer brand that would work across the full employee lifecycle – through attraction, engagement, retention and post-employment.

How we did it

We spent time within the business to understand its goals, values and culture. Then we spent, even more, time with its people to understand what it was really like working there, what made it different and special, what were the challenges of working there and what kind of person was likely to thrive. Assurant operates in tight labour markets so we also used social media to examine its current external employer reputation and benchmarked its talent competitors.

The results

The resulting brand captured the fun and engaging culture that Assurant employees enjoy, whilst celebrating them as a “Great place to learn. Great place to work”. We deployed consistent but distinct campaigns across the full employee lifecycle including:

  • Attraction campaign – focussing on personality and behaviours and featuring an Augmented Reality App
  • Candidate journey comms – bringing the roles to life and giving reassurance of the quality of the training
  • Engagement Comms – celebrating all the reasons Assurant was an ethical employer that invested in its people
  • Employee referral programme – based around social media and an App to enhance already impressive results

You can find more information on the initial attraction campaign “We’re big on personality and getting bigger all the time” here.

Following the internal and external launch of the brand, there was a marked increase in the number and quality of new hires with improved cost per hire and conversion ratios. Labour turnover dropped to below average for their sector and employee advocacy reached unprecedented levels.