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Arrow Global

Arrow Global

Values with authenticity and personality

Alignment to the way of working has increased significantly

Values Alignment

Following successful acquisitions and years of growth, Arrow Global asked us to assist it in redefining and proactively celebrating its values. We were keen to avoid the common pitfalls of value creation, for example basing them upon the narrow pre-conceptions of a small group of leaders or using clichéd singular words that have been rendered meaningless by overuse – the kind of words contestants use on The Apprentice for their team names!

Defining their values

We worked with Arrow to consult with its people and identify what they felt the values might be, and how best to embed them across all locations and teams. The resulting themes and ideas were then honed and crafted to incorporate the honest views of employees, line managers and leaders, in order to portray a realistic reflection of the way true Arrow people behaved. To avoid being clichéd from the start, we didn’t refer to ‘values’, simply calling the project ‘the way we do things’, and that title stuck!

After further consultation, the final descriptions were agreed and we created a suite of comms collateral to launch them through interactive events, desktop items, posters, banners, etc. More importantly, they are now included in all line manager people conversations such as performance reviews, development meetings and brown bag lunches.

Everyone was happy

The work has been praised by employees at all levels for capturing the essence of their workplace and a truthful portrayal of how they work. Most importantly, surveys and workgroups have shown that the recall, understanding and alignment to Arrow’s way of working have increased significantly.