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GDPR internal comms project for Arrow Global - 3

Arrow Global – GDPR

Arrow Global – GDPR

Upping the GDPR game

70% increase in training uptake

Employee Comms

The challenge: Get the GDPR message across

As one of the UK’s largest debt management solution providers, Arrow Global holds a lot of highly sensitive personal data. In early 2018, the company approached us to help them educate their people about the impending GDPR regulations.

Together we decided that a potentially unexciting topic needed a fun, engaging approach to grab people’s attention. The campaign required a strong visual identity that would work equally well in multiple languages, reflecting the different countries the company operates in.

During the brief, a client comment about ‘upping their game’ inspired us to create a retro gaming visual concept that was sure to make an impression and get the key messages across in a memorable way.

Our approach: Make it fun!

The information was organised in three groups – physical security, information security and data management – that we conceptualised as three different gaming ‘worlds’. We used retro gaming graphics to create a unifying visual style that also differentiated the campaign from Arrow’s other internal comms.

We launched an initial teaser campaign to build awareness and anticipation across Arrow’s 15 offices. We used posters, desk drops, screensavers and emails in 5 languages to maximise the audience’s exposure to the campaign.

The full reveal on launch day introduced the 14 key areas relating to data security and management that Arrow wanted to focus on. Awareness-building competitions were launched across all offices, as well as a simulated phishing attack to help highlight and embed the correct behaviours.

The results: A high score for the client

This was Arrow’s first truly pan-European internal comms campaign! The buzz it generated brought the whole business together, with selfies going viral.

The campaign achieved a significant uplift in use of the relevant e-learning portal training modules, as well as raising awareness and prompting behavioural change across the business. This led directly to improved incident reporting and a very positive result in response to simulated phishing tests.

Overall, a great achievement and a very happy client.