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Meet the Team | Amanda Lau

Creed Comms

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I’ve always been interested in people and understanding their behaviours and what influences them. This interest extends to the commercial side of behavioural psychology, so when I came across a Joint Degree in Business Studies and Psychology, I knew it was the course for me! The only University that offered this unique course was in Stirling, so off to Scotland I went! I spent 4 years up there in the beautiful outdoors, although very cold at times! After lots of Iron Bru, a few deep-fried Mars bars and not forgetting my degree, I headed back to England.

I decided to get into Marketing as it seemed like a great fit to be able to put my degree into practice, to understand both the people and commercial side of their behaviour. Since then, I have worked in Strategic, Research and Agency roles which have given me a well-rounded skill set. For me, the most exciting bit has always been seeing the success of clients and knowing that you’ve been a part of that.

My journey temporarily changed direction as I decided to do a bit of travelling, so I went to live in Australia for a couple of years. I lived the high life in Sydney with the Opera house being my local! but then decided to give up all of my comforts and do six months of farming. The timing wasn’t great as it coincided with the Aussie summer and after being outdoors all day for months, picking fruit up a ladder, I will never complain about the heat again!  It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done but one of the most rewarding because I pushed myself beyond my limits and made great friends and memories along the way. I also fulfilled my dream of meeting Karl Kennedy on the Neighbours set!

When I got back from my travels I decided to get into Recruitment as I had made good friends with some people who were in the industry and it sounded interesting. I also wanted to challenge myself to try something new. I’m so glad I did as I really enjoyed it and learnt lots of new skills. Then during the pandemic, I came across Creed and saw they were looking for an Account Manager. After reading about Creed and the role, I thought it seemed like a great fit, as it combines the two things I really enjoy – Marketing and Recruitment!

My first few weeks have flown by, it’s been great getting to know the Team and working on inspiring projects. I’ve joined Creed at a very exciting time of growth and I’m looking forward to the journey!

Amanda Lau