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Meet the Team | Alex Broad

Creed Comms

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At 16, if somebody asked me, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I would have confidently answered back, “A Physiotherapist”. However, after a little bit of work experience in a hospital and finally getting a true understanding of what it meant to be a Physio, I quickly realised that I was more passionate about brushes, pencils, and paper than elbows, knees, and toes! I swapped my books on anatomy for books on Klimt, Kahlo and Saville and then went on to spend the next 7 years studying the creative world of fine art, graphic design, and visual communication. 


After graduating from Loughborough University with a Degree in Visual Communication, the many hours I spent drawing naked people in awkward poses finally paid off when I got my first job as an in-house Graphic Designer at an international cosmetics company in the south of England. Since then, I have worked in several roles across different brands and had some great experiences and opportunities. Some notable mentions include creating a large outdoor mural for a charity, designing a bespoke jewellery range, and completing several freelance commissions. 


Then came March 2020, and like the rest of the world, I was thrown into a new reality of life during a global pandemic. As everything stood still, it gave me chance to reflect and revaluate a few things. Having moved south for work 6 years earlier and having grown comfortable in my current role, I felt like the time was right for a few new challenges. The first of which was purchasing my first home… in the North! The second of which was finding a new job that reignited my passion for design and allowed me to push my creative abilities. 


I’m happy to report, that having naively bought a “doer-upper” and having recently joined the team at Creed, I have tackled both challenges head on. I’m now 3 weeks into my new role as a Designer in the Creative team. So far, everyone has been great, the work exciting and I can’t wait to see what the future at Creed holds. 

Alex Broad