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Meet the Team | Ewan Howard

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For as long as I can remember I liked making and creating things, ranging from making scale models of the empire state building to a wooden sledge with my grandad and twin brother. At this age, I didn’t associate being creative with a possible career path, although I thought I was going to be a professional cricketer or footballer. Oh, how I was wrong.

When I was in high school, I still didn’t think pursuing anything creative was a possibility – I wasn’t good at drawing and you have to be good a drawing to pursue a creative career… right? It was towards the end of high school my attitude towards pursuing a creative career began to change this didn’t start with graphic design, instead, it started with product design. Product design gave me an overview of how to turn an idea into a practical, working thing. I think this attitude of making functional design has translated over into my graphic design work too.

After leaving high school and I went to a college away from my friends to pursue product design as I had my eyes set on becoming a product design teacher, I quickly pivoted away from product design and fell in love with graphic design. I liked how I could create an idea from a bit of research and use typography, imagery and illustrations to communicate it with a wider audience to tell a story or convey an idea.

During this period of my life, I started running a lot too, I loved the freedom and alone time which running provided. It gave me space to think – sometimes about nothing and other days about everything. After running a half-marathon then a marathon, I read a book about ultra-marathon running (an ultra-marathon is any distance further than your typical marathon). I did my first Ultramarathon in 2018, running for 6 + hours helps give you perspective on life, I feel fortunate to be in a position to opt into suffering and do it as a ‘fun’ activity to help me get to know myself a little more.

Back to my journey to Creed, I finished college in 2018 and decided to pursue graphic design at the University of Lincoln looking back at my work from college I had no right to think this was a good idea but luckily my naiveite worked out in the end. During my time at uni I can say I developed a lot as a designer, but more importantly, as a person, graduating during a pandemic wasn’t the easiest thing but I can say I’m a more resilient person because of it.

Once I graduated from university at the end of May I got the opportunity to join Creed as a junior design, it still feels a bit surreal!  My first few weeks have flown by, getting stuck in from the outset on some exciting projects. I think it’s fair to say three stressful years at university paid off. I’m excited to be working within a growing creative team where I can grow as a person and a designer.

Ewan Howard