Yes, we’re Employer Branding experts, but to ensure we’re giving you the best service possible, we believe it’s crucial our team feel supported and well looked after. And that starts with the onboarding process, we believe it helps new hires adjust to their jobs more quickly, acquire many of the skills and the knowledge needed to contribute to us at Creed, and get up to speed on the social and performance elements of their new position.

So, let’s read what Megan, our new Senior Designer, has to say about her first few weeks joining our Creative team at Creed.


What attracted you to creed and this role? 
What attracted me most to the role at Creed was the company values and the fact it’s an employee-owned agency. The friendly nature and personal development opportunities available are also a huge bonus.
What aspect of the role excites you the most? 
I love learning and at Creed I feel I’m surrounded by a talented team who can share their skillsets and industry knowledge onto me. I’m excited to see what skills I can bring to the creative team.

 How was your onboarding experience?  
My onboarding experience at Creed has truly been great. I immediately felt part of the team. Everyone is so friendly and has been super helpful during my first few weeks.

What have you learnt so far? 
I’ve loved getting to know and understand everything Employer Brand related as I have no previous background or knowledge of the sector. It’s also been great learning how a larger agency runs and the role in which everyone plays to add the success of Creed.

 What do you love the most about working at Creed? 
I’ve thoroughly enjoy being part of a bigger team and working on some really exciting projects within the Creative team.