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Make GDPR sexy

Employee Comms

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What a brief! We were asked by one of our lovely clients to help engage and educate their people about GDPR. As a business that manages personal data, the ramifications of the change in the law were huge and they needed their people to be fully aware of their obligations to the business and their customers.

Our client had identified the required behavioural changes and messages to be communicated, but they needed help in conceptualising and delivering those messages. We were briefed to deliver a creative concept to turn what could have been a dry, soon-forgotten comms project into an engaging and fun campaign that would get their people talking, helping to improve awareness and behaviour.

As so often happens, a chance line from the client was the spark that lit our creative team’s imagination. Let’s up our game. As gamification was one of the ways we were looking to execute the campaign, the phrase resonated and the campaign was born.

As D-Day for GDPR coming into force approached, our campaign was rolled out across Europe – 15 locations, 5 languages and over 2,000 people to connect with.

A teaser campaign was deployed initially, light on detail to create a sense of curiosity. Next, we deployed a suite of materials to inform their people of the company’s approach to GDPR, the mission statement and three specific areas of focus. Each of these core themes had a number of specific iterations, giving us 14 key messages to deliver over the space of a year.

The campaign raised awareness and engaged their people across Europe like no comms campaign before, with selfies and videos sent to the team from all countries showing how much the campaign captured their people’s imagination. Desk-drop treats, simulations, games and a range of print collateral followed over the course of the year, helping the client up their game and embed the right behaviours in their people right across Europe. We have since been commissioned to replicate the campaign in a number of different languages to further boost its impact across a Europe-wide audience.