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Promoting and Living your Employer Brand | Creed Comms

Making life simple

Living your employer brand

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Creating a great employer brand is just the start of a journey that never ends. You need to promote your brand, educate people about what it means and continually measure and refine the impact your brand is making. In this short guide we take you through the basics of living your employer brand and ensuring that you get the maximum return from the investment made in its creation.

What's inside

  • The branding journey
  • The full employee lifecycle
  • Education
  • Marketing your brand
  • Measuring success

About Us

Creed Communications is a full-service, award winning agency that builds world-class employer brands, delivers innovative talent attraction strategies and creates inspiring internal comms that will knock your socks off. We use our years of experience to help make life as simple as possible for our clients who include some of the world’s largest companies.

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