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Keeping your Employer Brand Relevant | Creed Communications

After the champagne – keeping momentum with your employer brand

Employer Branding

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An effective employer brand is an ongoing process, not a one-off effort

Congratulations, you’ve successfully launched a new employer brand. After lots of research, hard work and creative sessions, your brand has slid effortlessly into the water and is now sailing towards a glorious future to the acclaim of your bosses and staff.

But the story doesn’t end there. As soon as the champagne glasses have been collected, your new brand is already in danger of becoming irrelevant. Organisations change, sometimes very rapidly. If your brand doesn’t keep up then it can soon become irrelevant, unloved and even have a negative impact on your success.

The only answer is to never stop looking at your employer brand. Constantly measure its effectiveness and keep refining where necessary. For those of you who thought all the work is over, this is unlikely to be welcome news. But it is a reality.

Regular measurement is the key to success

If you want your employer brand to stay relevant then you’re going to have to regularly measure its impact. We’re not suggesting that you do this every day, but at least every few months to ensure that it’s still achieving its goals.  Measuring the far-reaching effects of employer branding can be difficult. However, there are certain areas where gathering accurate data on a regular basis will give you a clear picture of where your brand stands.

The big question to ask is whether your brand is making and keeping its promises.

This can be partly answered by the success of your attraction activity. There should be a range of metrics available from your website, ATS and (if you’re working with the right agency) your media tracking and optimisation reports. Are you attracting applicants with the right talent and behaviours? How long and how much does it cost to make those hires?

You can perform short online surveys about attitudes to your brand that can be compared over time. Social media is also a good source of opinion and tracking sentiment towards you as an employer. Is your brand being talked about and, if so, is it positive?

Use quantitative and qualitative measures

Internally you should be able to judge how well you’re keeping your promises through a variety of means. That includes whether you have an active and successful employee referral programme (ERP). Engagement surveys that take the pulse of staff opinions are also a good option. Then there’s the bottom line: how productive is your company? Are the numbers going up or down? How many people apply for jobs internally and are you seeing increasing promotions from within?

There’s also a slightly less scientific way of judging whether your brand needs adjustments. Can you see plenty of smiles around your workplace? Is there a good atmosphere and are people behaving in line with your values?

Finally, employer brands do not exist in a vacuum. Therefore, you need to be mindful of how general pressures (such as skill shortages, legislation, etc.) and local influences (such as new local competitors, a sudden boost in the resource plan in your business, etc.) will require your brand to evolve in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow as well as today.

Hopefully you’ll find your brand to still be highly effective in achieving your goals. If not, it’s time for a rethink. Maybe not a major overhaul but a few minor adjustments.

Employer brands are a never-ending journey rather than a one-off project.

To find out how your employer brand is performing, why not take our quick online employer brand audit for your personalised report.