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Is there a brighter future for the care sector?

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Care sector COVID-19 networking webinar

Our NHS heroes, the care sector and temporary work have been in the spotlight like never before.

To understand the real impact of the pandemic on the care sector, Creed invited five recruitment leaders from various care providers to join a networking webinar. We set out to discuss the changes affecting attraction, retention and the overall employer brand.

Here’s what we found:


  • Applications temporarily went through the roof as vulnerable workers supplemented furlough income with additional part time work
  • Brexit and COVID-19 lockdown quite literally blocked the English Channel, halting the reliance on, and access to, overseas nurses
  • Traditional direct sourcing channels are still mixed with agency and third-party hires
  • Zoom interviewing, online assessment centres, FaceTime and WhatsApp are all being used to some effect to improve the candidate experience and speed of hiring


  • An ongoing challenge in the care sector, which is likely to see a disproportionate increase in staff attrition as and when the retail and hospitality sectors open after lockdown eases
  • Three of the care providers we talked with have new initiatives in place to improve attrition and are offering a) return to work packages, b) better engagement streams using new App technology, and c) implementing a New Starter Charter for 3- month joiners

Whilst many of the recruitment challenges will return, what is for sure is that careers in care have never been so prominent in the media and front of mind on jobseekers’ radars.

The care providers who stand to improve their employer brand the most will be those who seize the opportunity to:

  • Celebrate their enhanced people promises
  • Acknowledge and take action on the back of increased positive sentiment
  • Improve their own employee engagement
  • Better understand the audiences who are now more disposed to working in care

After a fun and informative webinar, the care networking group is running again in September to discuss where things have moved on again since June.

If you’d like to become a part of the networking group, please contact


Caroline Hill