I choose to challenge for these two lovely ladies. My inspiration, definitely my leveller in life and my motivation to push for change.

The World Economic Forum reports that gender parity will not be attained for almost a century. So, for the generations to come we can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women’s achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.

For me personally, as well as the privilege of raising two daughters, that especially means creating a work environment and business where women (anybody for that matter) can have a safe environment to be themselves, have the opportunity not just to have a voice, but to be heard and supported. And to make the changes for the talent of the future, to do their best work and enjoy life both inside and outside of work.

I am fortunate to have worked with some incredible women who, to this day, their impression and support continue to inspire me. But let’s not forget the incredible men who’re also challenging on behalf of the women they support too.

Today is full of inspiring quotes, so here’s a favourite of mine and a link to the IWD2021 song.



“She wasn’t looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword.”
–Atticus poetry