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Employee Referral Programmes

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Employee Referral Programmes (ERPs) are a proven way of uncovering and hiring top quality talent. Using employees as advocates of your brand is both cost-effective and likely to lead to recruits who will hit the ground running . But not every ERP is effective. Many can fall into disrepair after an initial burst of activity. Some are badly designed or don’t offer the right rewards. In the this guide we offer you tips and strategies for ensuring your ERP delivers on it promises. Based on years of experience of what works, it is an essential read for anyone involved in recruitment.

What's inside

  • The advantages of ERPs
  • Creating or refreshing an ERP
  • Marketing your ERP
  • Celebrating success
  • Using technology
  • Common issues

About Us

Creed Communications is a full-service, award winning agency that builds world-class employer brands, delivers innovative talent attraction strategies and creates inspiring internal comms that will knock your socks off. We use our years of experience to help make life as simple as possible for our clients who include some of the world’s largest companies.

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