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Emerging Talent

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The imminent arrival of the Apprentice Levy means that many employers are now looking to attract emerging talent. Like every generation, the next one differs from those that came before, shaped by technology and economic factors. But what does this mean to you as a recruiter? Creed has carried out a survey of ‘Generation Z’ to uncover their attitude to work, what they want from a career and how they seek out employment.

What's inside

  • What motivates Generation Z?
  • Preferred sectors
  • Does education matter?
  • Where they find work
  • Application preferences
  • Attitude to money
  • What it means for you

About Us

Creed Communications is a full-service, award winning agency that builds world-class employer brands, delivers innovative talent attraction strategies and creates inspiring internal comms that will knock your socks off. We use our years of experience to help make life as simple as possible for our clients who include some of the world’s largest companies.

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