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Career v mummy

Equal Opportunities

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Returning to work after maternity leave is a really scary prospect. You’re faced with a crazy amount of guilt and suffer from the inevitability of ‘baby brain’ (which can probably just be defined as ‘sleep deprivation’!)

But above all else, I didn’t want to be that annoying ‘new mum’ that only spoke about my children, boring my work colleagues with hundreds of pictures on my phone. That mum who needs to leave early because the childminder has called… again. The one who has a shorter working week and gets an extra ‘day off’.

I didn’t want to lose my own identity. I’m still the same person who needs intellectual stimulation and personal triumphs. After years of working really hard in my career and proving myself, I didn’t want to just throw it all away and accept that my focus now has to change. Is it possible to do both? Could I continue to forge a successful career whilst being a mummy?

Recently re-entering the job market, I was nervous as to how companies viewed working mums, but I was pleasantly surprised. There is a genuine understanding of the challenges that working mums face and a lot of organisations have procedures or benefits in place that really support them.

From flexible hours, to working-from-home days, to childcare vouchers and family healthcare schemes, organisations have begun to implement a host of family-friendly policies that will help them recruit and retain the best possible employees that in turn help to increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Personally, having children encouraged me to be more ambitious and ultimately determined to succeed. Working for an employer like Creed that has a genuine understanding of its employees’ personal lives and offers a whole host of family-friendly benefits has really enabled me to have the best of both worlds.


Gemma Stimpson