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Boo for Hollywood, hooray for Ken


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When making videos for your careers site, do you long for a Hollywood budget that allows you to put on a spectacular show full of top notch actors, special effects and stirring music?

Whilst it’s always good to have a workable budget, we believe that Hollywood-style excess isn’t always necessary for a box office hit. For us, authenticity is the key to making successful recruitment videos. And authenticity doesn’t have to break the bank.

We’re not saying that you should only spend pennies on recruitment videos. Authentic doesn’t have to mean badly made. You need a decent budget to cover a competent camera operator, and it’s worth investing in professional writing to provide structure, focus, even tone and a tight running time. Good lighting and an editor also help.

All of these things are worth your investment because sloppiness never wins over the audience.

Let’s go Ken Loach

We’ve all seen the recruitment videos that simply don’t feel right. It’s a little too well produced. The camera work is always perfect, the script feels obviously scripted and, if it does feature actual employees, they sound stilted and are reading lines written by the HR director that are unlikely to reflect what they really feel.

If you wanted to base your video-making on an actual film director, then we would suggest Ken Loach rather than Steven Spielberg. He’s a director who manages to create authentic slices of life on a low budget. From Kes to I, Daniel Blake, his films seem true to life and authentic. The actors talk naturally and seem to be living their part rather than acting it out. It’s a style that will appeal greatly to those viewing your video on your career site. Being believable will achieve a lot more than simply being spectacular.

Authenticity can be achieved by allowing your people take the director’s chair. Everyone has a movie camera on their phone nowadays. Get colleagues to film a day in their life, interview people with simple Q&A formats. Encourage people to record events such as charity days or after-work occasions to give you material that can be used on your website. It’s often said that we have grown so used to UGC (user-generated content) via social media that anything else can feel a little contrived.

Snackable size

Avoid aiming for a single, epic video. You should use video throughout your site as well as on various social media platforms. Make sure your main video can be cut into chunks that can be used elsewhere, and consider how you can get the most value from this.

Your employees’ UGC also provides snackable-sized content that can pepper a page and present direct messages to the viewer. Ensure you create short pieces that can be used on social media as well as your website.

YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine and our appetite for consuming information via video is growing every day. We believe that the key to all successful recruitment videos is making them authentic and staying true to your employer propositions. So please, stop thinking Hollywood. Think about Ken.

If you’d like more detailed advice on how to make recruitment videos that really work for your business, get in touch with the Creed team today.