You’re reading an article right now. Reading static words in black and white on a screen.

Just like most job seekers do when they search for a job online or research a future employer on their careers site.

But you can achieve instant impact and greater emotional engagement with your employer brand when you use the power of audio.

Think about when you pick your mobile up in the morning – 6.30am?

How many screens or devices do you use during a typical day? Phone, iPad, PC, TV, Alexa, In-car Spotify…?

How much lengthy text do you really read in a day? Not so much?

Content is becoming shorter and bite-size, heard (and viewed) rather than read and can elicit responses that dry written text cannot.

Social media has transformed our consumption of content and advertising, so when considering the employment industry, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Google Jobs are enabling us to take video and audio content to another level.

Consumer brands heavily use audio and have done for many years – think of audio logos – Intel (ding ding ding ding) – famous voiceovers and emotive music are all ways of bringing a brand to life and creating a mnemonic audio experience.

If you’re a crafted writer with an extensive vocabulary, you may be able to grip the reader, but if you’re not and can’t always stretch to video resources, then audio gives you another opportunity to get your message across and tune in to the senses of an audience differently.

Audio is on the march – many of us say “Alexa”, “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google” every day. Voice search is growing exponentially, and many of the results will be delivered by voice too. So, as well as thinking about what your brand should look like, it’s equally important to consider how your brand sounds – we’re all ears.