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A day in the life of our creative lead, Liam.

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A chance to get behind the curtain and see what we do in creative. Or more specifically, what I do each day as the Creative Lead.

Although every day is different (cliché I know) I try to keep some structure around it. My role makes it easy to spend the day in meetings, on calls or deep in Outlook. So, by giving my day structure I can protect the time I need to focus on the work I enjoy, developing great creative solutions.

Time to go Jack Bauer on this and go hour by hour. I’ll spare you the full 24 hours though…


I usually kick the day off with team meetings, project catch-ups and briefing sessions. At any one time we have a number of creative projects that the team is working on either collectively or individually and this time is a good chance for us to share ideas, help each other out and plan the next steps.


After that. Coffee. Anyone who knows me knows I take this seriously. If I had a quid for every time someone called me a coffee snob, I’d actually be able to afford to buy the quality coffee I love…


Next, it’s my time to get stuck into creative projects. Today I’m working on the development of an employer brand. Everything is signed-off and ready to start developing into their final brand guide and launch collateral. Which means the next few hours is all about crafting copy and perfecting layouts.

The world of working from home (where we can’t poke our heads above the desk dividers) means we have regular calls throughout the day, which turns out after a year of doing, works great in place of actually working together in the same room. We keep these semi-regular and again are a great chance to bat ideas around between the team. I think the best creative happens when you’ve got a few heads on it, mixing thoughts and ideas together.

There’s sometimes a little visit from the newest member of my WFH team during the day. Which I have to say is a MASSIVE benefit to this whole situation. A silver lining that I really appreciate!




The last few hours of the working day are usually for moving projects forward. Today that means a client meeting to talk through campaign ideas that will help them attract fresh tech talent.

I’ll then catch-up with emails – a mix of questions, quotes and creative work to review.  Some of which might spark a team call to discuss. Then I’m planning tomorrow. Making sure I have everything in place and ready to go.



Time to shut-down and almost immediately start the ‘dinner and bed’ routine for our 6-month old. And although I may of shutdown the computer, it’s impossible to shut down your mind! The creative problem you’re trying to solve doesn’t really know when it’s 5:30pm, or when you’re trying to enjoy the weekend after a jam-packed week. I’ll often be cooking and thinking about work. Watching episode after episode of something on Netflix and thinking about work. Sleepily rocking my 6-month old back to sleep at three in the morning. And, you guessed it, thinking about work. And you know what, I’m ok with that. Because I’m fortunate enough to have a job I love. And able to do it at an agency I love working at.


Liam Hodgeon